Enroll your child with SCL International School:


1. To express an interest in a place for your child, please contact the school office to see if a place is available.

2. If no place is available you will be offered a place on our waiting list.  We accept enrollments throughout the academic year.

3. To reserve a place for your child you must pay the Admission Fee of 10,000B.  This is a one time non refundable payment.  You must also pay the refundable deposit of 5,000B or 10,000B if paying by Term or Payment Plan.  This deposit is a one time payment and is refundable upon providing the school with six weeks written notice of intention to withdraw your child from the school.  (Please note if you are reserving a place for your child and you are planning to join part way through the term you must pay the full fee for that term, with 50% of the fee payable at the time of reservation)

4. Fill out, sign and return to the school the enrollment form, health questionnaire and terms and conditions.

5. Provide the school with the following documents;

  • Copy of child’s passport and /or birth certificate
  • Copy of parents passport or ID card
  • Copy of parents work permit and/or visa OR Tabien Baan
  • Copy of valid medical insurance card/certificate or fee for school policy
  • 2 Passport photographs of the child
  • 1 passport photograph of either parent
  • Security password