Articles about SCL International School



Enjoyably Effective Education, Samui Holiday Magazine, Spring 2017

With a new year already underway, people on the island are asking what’s happening at SCL International School – after all, it’s always been a go-ahead type of place, and people look to it for inspiration. And the answer is that plenty’s been happening; the school’s been moving ahead in quite a few different ways. (read more)

Mindfulness and Meditation, Samui Holiday Magazine, Spring 2016

Samui Centre of Learning, more commonly known as SCL International School, was originally established in 2004, and is now a respected international school located in the bustling town of Lamai. The school first began teaching from a small wooden building with just two primary aged students. The wooden huts multiplied, and then became concrete structures. They employed more teachers, offered more and more subjects, and after a lot of hard work, they began offering secondary education as well. The school has always prided itself on providing high quality teaching and learning, within a caring family-orientated environment. They utilise individualised learning, and employ holistic teaching methods, ensuring that every student is learning at their own pace and ability. Every year, the school has attracted more and more interest. Parents talked with other parents, and as the word spread about the fantastic learning opportunities at the school, a steady increase of parents enrolling their children began. This has enabled the school to continue growing at a firm and steady pace, and they now have approximately 200 students. (read more)