Senior Management Team

Emma Dyas – School Director

School Director

Emma Dyas, School Director

School Director Emma has lived, and worked in education, in Thailand for more than a decade and became a partner in SCL in 2005, not long after it had first opened its doors.  As the school director, Emma has played a central role in developing the school into the place it is today.

“I absolutely love how SCL has developed over the years.  We have held fast to the original vision; to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children are free to express themselves, whilst receiving a high quality education.  The children are exactly where they should be; at the center of all our efforts.  All the staff members we have here at SCL are amazing and I am absolutely confident in saying each and every one of them genuinely loves what they do and the children.  As the director of SCL I couldn’t feel happier that the vision we had all those years ago has become a reality.  As a parent with her children in SCL, I feel lucky my children get to come to such a great school.”

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Khun Marc – Business Development Manager

Khun Kru Marc

Khun Marc

Khun Marc joined SCL International School in 2014 to promote and grow the school. Marc is fluent in English and Thai and has a long work history in IT, most recently developing a cloud based learning system for English as an Additional Language.

Teacher Cat – Head of Primary

Year 2 - Teacher Cat

Teacher Cat

Teacher Cat worked at SCL from 2011-2013, and returned last year. We are delighted to have her back on our staff. Teacher Cat has a Bachelor of Laws, PGCE Primary and Postgraduate Diploma in Special Educational Needs.

“After teaching in France for 2 years I am so excited to be back at SCL teaching Year 2. I look forward to providing the children with an exciting and enjoyable day at school. I am a committed member of the SCL team and pride myself on my interpersonal skills and my ability to motivate the students so they tackle each task with enthusiasm.”

Teacher Dara Head of Secondary

Head of Secondary

Teacher Dara, Head of Secondary

From Ireland, Dara graduated as a teacher in 2008, with a PGCE in Secondary Science. Previous to this he was granted a Bsc in Environmental Science from the National University of Ireland and a MSc in Conservation Biology from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Teacher Eilidh – Head of Support For Learning


Teacher Aylee

Teacher Aylee

Teacher Eilidh has been with SCL for 7 years and continues to play a central role within our SFL department.

Pichaphat Krueasttinon – Head Of Thai Department

Kru Rose

Kru Rose

Kru. Rose joined SCL in May 2008, following a career in teaching in Thai schools, spanning more than twenty years.  During her time with SCL she has implemented and developed the Thai curriculum to ensure that all our students, regardless of level, get the very most out of their Thai language lessons.  By continually thinking ‘outside of the box’ she has raised the standards of Thai across the board and is an inspiration to watch at work.

“By ensuring that all the teacher’s ideas are encouraged and valued, we have created an environment where everyone feels happy in their work.  This has a direct and very positive effect on the achievements of our students.  I feel confident that in the very near future SCL will become famous in Thailand for its high standard of Thai language teaching and commitment to keeping alive cultural practices such as “Maliart Thai” (Thai manners) and for teaching all our students, regardless of nationality a healthy respect for Thailand and it’s rich culture.”

Kru Therese – Thai Manager

Kru Therese

Kru Therese

Kru Therese joined SCL in May 2011 and has quickly become a much loved member of our school family. As well as being the Thai Manager for SCL, she teaches basic level Thai to Years 2, 6, 7, 8 and 9.